About syzzling

Our Team

Owner and Managing Directors: Fab Syz and Sunci Syz.

Our Company

We provide outstanding client service, with the highest standards of professional integrity to build enduring relationships of trust and confidence.

Integrity is the foundation of all we do. It is a constant. Those with whom we work, live and serve can rely on us. We align our actions with our words and deliver what we promise. We build and strengthen our reputation through trust. We are respectful and behave in an open and honest manner. 

Our Mission Statement

It is our goal to make a difference with and through our work every single day.

Our Slogan

A Challenge For The Limits of Imagination.

Our History

Beginning of January 2013, SHOE International Network GmbH changed the company name to SYZZLING Gmbh and divided the company into three core areas:

SYZZLING IT Solutions, SYZZLING Media and SYZZLING Charity.

This change is a reflection of our intention of making a difference with and through our work on a larger scale.